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New Radicals

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The 214 Kangxi radicals (Chinese: 康熙部首; pinyin: Kāngxī bùshǒu) form a system of radicals (部首) of Chinese characters. The radicals are numbered in stroke count order. They are the de facto standard used as the basis for most modern Chinese dictionaries, such that reference to "radical 61", for example, without additional context, refers to the 61st radical of the Kangxi Dictionary, 心; xīn "heart". Originally introduced in the 1615 Zihui, they are named in relation to the Kangxi Dictionary of 1716 (Kāngxī 康熙 being the era name for 1662–1723). The system of 214 Kangxi radicals is based on the older system of 540 radicals used in the Han-era Shuowen Jiezi.

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