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Micah Tyler

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The International House of Prayer (IHOP or IHOPKC) is a charismatic Christian movement and missions organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, and the nearby suburb of Grandview that focuses on prayer and worship.It is best known for the prayer room which has run 24/7 with live worship teams since September 19, 1999, and simultaneously broadcast via its website. Doctrinally, IHOPKC is charismatic, post-tribulational, and affirms historic premillennialism. IHOPKC places great importance on the practices of prayer, worship, fasting, and works of justice.IHOPKC runs a training facility which houses a Bible school, music academy, and media institute, collectively known as the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) in nearby Grandview, Missouri.The annual Onething conference has been hosted by IHOPKC since 2002 in the Kansas City Convention Center.

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  3. Micah Tyler - Even Then (Audio) Mp3
  4. Duration: 3:18

  5. Micah Tyler - Different (Official Music Video) Mp3
  6. Duration: 5:03

  7. Micah Tyler - Never Been a Moment (Official Music Video) Mp3
  8. Duration: 3:38

  9. Even Then By Micah Tyler (with lyrics) Mp3
  10. Duration: 3:13

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